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I'm Laurie Rivera and I design and create each piece of jewelry for Azizi Designs by hand, one-at-a-time in my studio in Connecticut.


My designs are inspired by my passion for ancient cultures and artifacts. Who were these people? When and where did they live? How did they make these things? Why did they make these things? Exploring the answers to these questions ensures that I never run out of jewelry-making ideas.


Transforming metal, gemstones and other materials into a piece of jewelry lights up my creative/analytical brain. I enjoy working in a medium that is especially suited to the challenge of creating art by hand and feel a strong connection to the ancient jewelers and artisans who created such beautiful and enduring pieces without the benefit of present-day tools and processes.


Silver, copper, and gold are my preferred metals and I use traditional piercing, stamping, hammer texturing, and wirework metalworking techniques. The majority of my pieces are limited-edition and one-of-a-kind and feature richly colored bezel-set gemstones and beads, organic and geometric shapes, and tribal motifs and symbols.


Thank you for your interest in my jewelry. I hope it entices you to reflect on our connection to art, ancient cultures, and our environment and you enjoy wearing it for years to come.